Red Apple Camera Rentals are based in Artarmon, Sydney. Our dedicated staff are qualified in all areas of the film making process. We have an extensive range of top line cameras, equipment and digital accessories including Phantom 4K, Alexa Mini, Weisscam HS2-MKII, ARRI 4:3 Plus with an excellent range of Cinema quality Prime and Zoom lenses.

iain mackenzie
Shooting in some of the toughest and most extreme locations in the world, the gear is always in great shape even down to the cases. The Red Apple system is organised, professional and easy to understand. I am being honest here - instead of dealing with a faceless organization, it's comforting to know there are people on the end of the phone giving you impartial, useful, professional advice. In an unpredictable industry in which anything can happen and mostly does, you can call someone, somewhere that is able to solve the problem. What is really impressive is that Red Apple has the latest and most modern gear available on the market. For instance there have been lenses not readily available in LA that Red Apple have been able to supply. Furthermore the technical advice they provide is...
dr jim frazier
I have been associated with Red Apple for some time now and have seen them grow and excel in everything they do. When you have a team headed up by a top professional like Viv Scanu whose personal demeanor and nature is so exceptional, how could you possibly fail? I have never yet been disappointed with the help and assistance I get with my own projects, it always exceeds my expectations and their attention to detail always astonishes me. Viv sets the bar very high and above the norm and that's where I prefer to be in this somewhat rapidly changing digital age. It's a great pleasure for me personally to recommend the whole Red Apple team to all my colleagues and friends in the industry. I can confidently suggest that the flavour of a Red Apple is the way to go – you wont be disappointed. 
Marc Windon
My very first project with the new ARRI ALEXA was a branded short film for Sydney's most awarded Mercedes-Benz dealership, Gbrothers. This was a high octane project that involved three car chases and plenty of other action in very dark and very bright situations. Red Apple Camera Rentals had just taken delivery of their first ARRI ALEXA during our pre-production stage. Viv Scanu and Stefan Sedlmeier (from ARRI Australia) invited me in to take a very early look at the camera. Fortunately, I had been working full-time with the Apple ProRes quicktime codec as an acquisition format for just over 9 months on another camera prior to using the ALEXA, so it already felt familiar. The LOG-C gamma curve combined with this 10-bit codec made the ALEXA an instant hit with me. During production we put...
toby oliver
It's always a great experience working with Red Apple, the gear is excellent. Being a small boutique rental house, it's the personalised service and attention which is the best thing about Red Apple. I recommend Red Apple for their attention to detail and great personal service.
jonathan ker
I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Viv for about 10 years now. He has travelled around the world with us on our productions making sure that everything in the camera department is perfectly taken care of. He is not only an exquisitely talented technician, but also a joy to have around. His equipment house is equally professional. As a production company we film all over the world, as well as in Australia and we always use Red Apple Camera Rentals for these jobs. The equipment is always state of the art, and always in tiptop condition. I cannot recommend them more wholeheartedly.
Red Apple is a rare gem in the world of rental houses. The equipment is impeccably maintained and the service is second to none. There is an extra confidence I feel when using their equipment because I know it has been checked thoroughly even before my AC gets to look at it. Red Apple do support really well. I recently did a job that required a macro product shot. In pre I called Red Apple to find out what lens would give me the right magnification at a specified distance. Within 15 minutes they had built a camera and tried all the appropriate lens options and rang back to give me a report. I would recommend Red Apple to any other DOP or production house because of their professionalism, impeccable equipment and excellent service.
I have had very positive experiences with Red Apple and I love going there. The staff are a pleasure to deal with, the camera gear I have hired through them is always the latest and always in excellent condition. The premises are modern, comfortable and provide a great environment for camera assistants and DOPs to check and test gear. Red Apple have good customer focus and a great ability to deliver a complete, correct and well-prepped package. I would recommend Red Apple because it is a young and fresh company with all the latest high-end cine/digital gear and the staff are very knowledgeable in making all the pieces fit.